Sunday, July 31, 2011

In My Mailbox #1

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren
This is my first IMM post.

This week I got:

Tigers Curse by Colleen Rouck: I'm excited to read this, it's been on my radar for quite sometime now. I got a bit worried when someone mentioned that it begins really slow, but couldn't resist when I saw it in the store at a good price.

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross: Very, very excited to read this! I had to contain my joy when I saw it on the shelf, and had to but it. I love steampunk, so I'm hoping that this book will not disappoint!

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter: I've been very skeptical about reading this because of so many reviews, but I'm in a mythology mood lately, so I decided to give it a go.

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington: been hearing all good things about Embrace. Determined to read more books by Aussie authors, armed with my wallet; I went to hunt this book down... and came out with not only one book, but three others.

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin: After watching Game of Thrones, I had to buy this book, and I was shocked once it arrived on my doorstep from the bookdepository at how fat the book was, this is going to be one long read, I'm looking forward to it! I have trouble reading books if I have seen the movie or television show first; but I'm hoping that it wont be a problem in this case. 

I also recieved my pre-ordered Kindle copy of: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep: I've already read and reviewed Touch of Frost, and kept checking Kindle all day waiting for it, and I jumped in joy when I finally got the e-mail announcing it's release.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

"Love in my world usually ended up with someone hearing 'I smite thee!' as she was cursed to be some lame flower for the rest of her life."
For three years, Alexandria has lived among mortals—pretending to be like them and trying to forget the duty she'd been trained to fulfill as a child of a mortal and a demigod. At seventeen, she's pretty much accepted that she's a freak by mortal standards… and that she'll never be prepared for that duty.
According to her mother, that’s a good thing. But as every descendant of the gods knows, Fate has a way of rearing her ugly head. A horrifying attack forces Alex to flee Miami and try to find her way back to the very place her mother had warned her she should never return—the Covenant. Every step that brings her closer to safety is one more step toward death… because she's being hunted by the very creatures she'd once trained to kill.
The daimons have found her.
I know that Daimon is just .5 prequel of Half Blood, but it was just so good that I had to write a review; to just gush or get the word out.. probably to do both, but anyways here I go:

I stumbled upon Daimon on goodreads; I've been dying to read Half Blood ever since Leah Clifford mentioned it in her BlogTV.

So after my discovery, I hurried along to amazon; just a few clicks away, and I had purchased the Kindle copy for 99c (you can even get a paperback version for $3.99, which I'll probably end up doing).

It was phenomenal.

I fell in love with Jennifer's writing, she certainly knows how to do it well. Alex is such a badass, that you can't help but love her, especially when she said: 'bring it on, like donkey-kong.' I laughed so hard, it's such a bad line but so good at the same time; if she hadn't already won me over, that line would have sold it for me.

I love mythology, and so far I'm loving this series, Alex's internal monologue is great, especially when she is talking about this mysterious gray-eyed hottie. (I was dying to find out even just his name; I pretty much squealed when he finally made an appearance in the preview for chapter one of Half Blood, and finally found out his name!)

Daimon is an excellent start to the Half Blood series, I'm eager for October to get here something chronic.

So I'll end this review with saying, if you haven't read Daimon yet, do it! Jennifer L. Armentrout does not disappoint.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop #3 TGIF #1

Question: Let's step away from books for a second and get personal. What T-Shirt slogan best describes you?

Not very original I know, but it describes me well!

(Will add on book blogger hop when its added later, hopefully, as its TBA)


Character Envy: If you could be one character from a book,
who would you choose & why?

This is a really good question, I suppose that if I could be any character, I would choose Yelena from Maria V. Snyder's Study series.

Why? Because Yelena is a kick ass heroine who always fights back no matter how many times she's pushed down; and well having Valek as you're love interest wouldn't be so bad either! (Yummy)

I'm also going to add Aly from Tamora Pierce's Tricksters Choice & Queen. (she's a kickass spy, with Nawat hanging around :P )

I also have to give in and pick Kate Daniels in Ilona Andrews series.. and not only cause we have the same name.. she's just so kickass and an amazing character!

I cannot believe I forgot to add Mac from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series *head desks* that's really quite shameful, because honestly not only is Mac pure win, there is Barrons. *drools* Mac would probably be the #1 person I would want to be! *looks above at the others* sorry girls.


Also, I have a question for everyone! If I was to have a giveaway for a pre-ordered copy of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin, would you participate?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep


My name is Gwen Frost, and I go to Mythos Academy -- a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody's head with a sword and Logan Quinn, the hottest Spartan guy in school, also happens to be the deadliest.

But lately, things have been weird, even for Mythos. First, mean girl Jasmine Ashton was murdered in the Library of Antiquities. Then, someone stole the Bowl of Tears, a magical artifact that can be used to bring about the second Chaos War. You know, death, destruction and lots of other bad, bad things. Freaky stuff like this goes on all the time at Mythos, but I'm determined to find out who killed Jasmine and why – especially since I should have been the one who died …
As soon as I read the synopsis of this book, I fell in love, I just had to read it! But I had to be patient and wait for it to be released; so instead I stumbled upon the 0.5 prologue story of Touch of Frost on Kindle (free at amazon at the moment!) called First Frost and, I'll say, although you can read Touch of Frost without the 0.5 I'm glad that I read it, as it gives you an insight to Gwen, before Mythos. (I don't know why it wasn't just added as a prologue in Touch of Frost).

I love mythology, and Touch of Frost didn't disappoint, but I'm not that harsh a critic, so I'm not sure what die hard mythology fans will think. (If you're one and have read Touch of Frost, let me know your thoughts!)

I love the cover.
I love the characters. (especially Logan, who can sign my mattress any day!)
And I loved Gwen's humor and witty comments.

Estep has done a good job, however Gwen's denial over gods and goddesses annoyed me a bit, since HELLO! Her school is full of Amazons, Spartans, Valkyries and whatnot! But after everything she's been through I can kind of see why Gwen would want to hold on to any scrap of normality that she had believed in for all of her life.

For the first half of Touch of Frost, Estep leads you on a merry dance wondering whats going on, but that changes at almost halfway through, which is whent the puzzle starts to line itself up and put the pieces together, and suddenly you know whats going on before Gwen does. (Which wasn't a problem for me at all)

The ending was good, but frustrating on a certain part, (if you've read it, you'll know what I mean!) making me extremely glad that the sequel; Kiss of Frost, is coming out in November!

Not long now, but it will still be a torturous wait, at least I don't have to wait until 2012! (Thanks to Lisa over at Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me, who reminded me of this).

I'll be pre-ordering Kiss of Frost on Kindle, like I did with Touch of Frost the moment that it's available, and not only so I can read more of a certain sexy spartan the moment that it's released, but that doesn't hurt either!

I give Touch of Frost 4.5 stars.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #3: Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that fellow bloggers can't wait to get their hands on!

I'm dying to get my hands on this book:

Kiss of Frost
by Jennifer Estep

Logan Quinn was try­ing to kill me. My Spar­tan class­mate relent­lessly pur­sued me, swing­ing his sword at me over and over again, the shin­ing sil­ver blade inch­ing closer to my throat every time. A smile tugged up his lips, and his ice-blue eyes prac­ti­cally glowed with the thrill of battle …

I’m Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Acad­emy, and I have no idea how I’m going to sur­vive the rest of the semes­ter. One day, I’m get­ting schooled in sword­play by the guy who broke my heart — the drop-dead gor­geous Logan who slays me every time. Then, an invis­i­ble archer in the Library of Antiq­ui­ties decides to use me for tar­get prac­tice. And now, I find out that some­one at the acad­emy is really a Reaper bad guy who wants me dead. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to live by the sword — with Logan’s help — I just might die by the sword …

I finished Touch of Frost today, and I'm dying to read the sequel! Luckily it wont be a long wait, as its out in November!

Make sure you look out for my review of Touch of Frost tomorrow!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen

I can’t move forward with my life until I know my demons are confined to the past...

Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn’t like that of other teenage girls. Especially after what happened to my parents.

Things changed.

I missed prom and deferred my big college plans. But I still have my boyfriend, Noah. He’s everything I could want—if I can figure out what’s up with him.

Suddenly Noah is secretive.

I fear it has something to do with what happened to us three months ago.

The bruise Noah suffered during a paranormal attack has never completely faded.

Now I’ve learned Noah is researching demons. And when he disappears, it’s up to me to find him—before something else does.
I was beyond excited when I saw Beyond the Grave on Netgalley, and very happy that I was lucky enough to be accepted to read it; since I've been eagerly waiting for this third installment in Mara Purnhagen's Past Midnight series.

 "I never should have sent my boyfriend to the electric chair"

Is the very first line that had my mouth opening in shock thinking 'what the?' and then eagerly flipping the pages to find out what was going on.

After reading the final page, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Beyond the Grave, it was good, but I found it somewhat lacking, I'm not quite sure what it was for me, maybe it was the amount of time that had passed since the second book, or possibly Charlotte's constant denial of the paranormal after everything she had been through (that irked me something horrid).

Or maybe it was just me being weird.

All up, it ended nicely, most of the questions were answered, Charlotte grew as a character and I think she most likely wont be in denial again... (if so I will chase her around with a sharp object!)

I'm pretty sure that this is the last book since the ends were all tied up nicely, but a fourth book could possibly be made.

I thouroughly enjoyed reading Mara's books, and if this series is completed I will be waiting for her next, secretly hoping that it will be another haunting tale!

I give Beyond the grave 3.5 stars.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Season by Sarah Maclean


Seventeen-year-old Lady Alexandra Stafford doesn’t fit into the world of Regency London — she’s strong-willed, sharp-tongued, and she absolutely loathes dress fittings.

Unfortunately, her mother has been waiting for years for Alex to be old enough to take part in the social whirlwind of a London Season so she can be married off to someone safe, respectable, wealthy, and almost certainly boring. But Alex is much more interested in adventure than romance.

Between sumptuous balls, lavish dinner parties and country weekends, Alex, along with her two best friends, Ella and Vivi, manages to get entangled in her biggest scrape yet.

When the Earl of Blackmoor is killed in a puzzling accident, Alex decides to help his son, the brooding and devilishly handsome Gavin, uncover the truth. It’s a mystery brimming with espionage, murder, and suspicion. As she and Gavin grow closer, will Alex’s heart be stolen in the process?

Romance and danger fill the air, as this year’s Season begins!

I've been eying The Season by Sarah Maclean for quite some time now, and when I was searching for something fun to read on Kindle the other day I finally got around to purchasing it.

#1 rule for this book: Don't let the cover turn you off! (It's nice, but i found it a bit weird and nothing like how I pictured the three best friends).

I'm a big fan of Historical and YA as I've mentioned in my Haunting Violet Review, and I thought that The Season would be a nice fun read as it being both of those genres.

Yes, once again, this book surprised me... seems to be that way with a lot of books lately.

Alexandra is a great character along with her two best friends Ella and Vivi; They are all independent, beautiful young women, with only one problem... they don't want to get married.

This is an adventurous tale about three young women not wanting to bend to the ways of society in the upcoming Season in London, England, with an extra bonus of murder, mystery and of course, romance.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop #2

Follow Friday question of the week: Name three authors that you would love to sit down and spend an hour or a meal with just talking about either their books or get advice on writing from?

1- Alyxander Harvey (author of the unbecoming of Haunting Violet) I loved Haunting Violet and would love to sit down and pick apart Alyxandra's brain and hound her for details.

2- Maria V Snyder (author of the Study books)
I love Maria's books, I think she's an amazing writer and would just love to sit down and chat with her about her books and anything else.

3- Nora Roberts (author of... sooo many!)
I'm guilty of being a MAJOR Nora Roberts fan. She's a big role model for me and her books were my first step into Adult fiction, which frankly, I was shocked that I loved them so much, she writes amazing characters, even the bad ones (they are amazing!), especially am a sucker for her murder mystery romance books too (they are my favourites) but I just love all of her work.

Book Blogger Hop
Book Blogger Hop Question of the week: What’s the ONE GENRE that you wish you could get into, but just can’t?

Honestly, there isn't much I wont read, but I will say I would like to read and enjoy more books without romance in them, whatever I read I always have to have a little twinge of romance in it, too much can annoy the hell out of me, but the twinge has to be there or I easily get bored, I'm very ashamed to admit this but I'm very guilty of it, and its a habit that I can't seem to break.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire


One hour to rewrite the past . . .
For seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole, life is about seeing what isn’t there: swooning Southern Belles; soldiers long forgotten; a haunting jazz trio that vanishes in an instant. Plagued by phantoms since her parents’ death, she just wants the apparitions to stop so she can be normal. She’s tried everything, but the visions keep coming back.
So when her well-meaning brother brings in a consultant from a secretive organization called the Hourglass, Emerson’s willing to try one last cure. But meeting Michael Weaver may not only change her future, it may change her past.
Who is this dark, mysterious, sympathetic guy, barely older than Emerson herself, who seems to believe every crazy word she says? Why does an electric charge seem to run through the room whenever he’s around? And why is he so insistent that he needs her help to prevent a death that never should have happened?

Full of atmosphere, mystery, and romance,
Hourglass merges the very best of the paranormal and science-fiction genres in a seductive, remarkable young adult debut.

I've been reading so many good books lately, one after the other I go away after I turn the final page with a happy grin and my mind reeling; usually I find it difficult to find a good book but lately its been one after the other!

Almost makes me want to read something bad.... key word: Almost.

2011 seems like the year for fantastic books and fantastic debut authors stealing your breath away with each turn of the page.

Myra McEntire is one of these Authors, she writes a gripping tale that glued me to the page from start to finish.

The Rhet Butler reference didn't hurt either and had me giggling at the second page and eagerly moving onto the next wanting to find out what Emerson would say and do next.

Emerson is an independent and sassy character that will kick your butt, with her awesome ninja skills, and suck you right into her story.

Now lets move onto Michael, and let me just agree with Lily's nickname for him... Delicious!

Myra has packed this story with so many lovable characters, so I wont go into too much detail about them, but I will say one more thing: I'm dying for Kaleb and Lily to meet, now that is an interaction that I would pay to see... and most likely will (hopefully), in the next book!

The only bad thing about reading Hourglass, is that now I'm going to have to wait a full year for the next book, how I wish I could skip through time and get my hands on it already!

But, alas I don't have those awesome powers and I'll just have to be a good girl in the meantime and annoy all my friends to grab a copy, just so they can suffer with me (insert devious smiley face here).

All up Hourglass by Myra McEntire gets five stars and is placed into my largely growing favourites pile!

Great work Myra! Can't wait for the sequel! Also a BIG thanks to Rachel for helping me decide that I had to read Hourglass NOW!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop #1

Follow Friday question of the week: What do I do when I are not reading?

I go to university (on holidays atm though) I read Manga, watch a lot of anime, movies, Japanese Dramas and television shows like Game of Thrones and Burn Notice! I write, I blog, I'm obsessed with Sims Medieval atm, hang out and annoy my lovely friends on and offline :) And look after my obnoxious monster dog, also known as Luna.
Book Blogger Hop
Book Blogger Hop Question of the week:
How/Where do you get your books? Do you buy them or go to the library? Is there a certain website you use like paperbackswap?

I buy all my books these days at The Book Depository. Its a fantastic site, where books are a lot cheaper for me and I don't have to pay for postage, only downside is that it can take a while for it to get to your mailbox, but with free postage I'm not complaining!

Another way I get books is by using Netgalley (Absolutely amazing site) and the Kindle store over at Amazon I love a good bargain, and you can usually find some great ones over there! :D

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz


What's a girl to do when meeting The One means she's cursed to die a horrible death?

Life hasn't been easy on sixteen-year-old Emma Connor, so a new start in New York may be just the change she needs. But the posh Upper East Side prep school she has to attend? Not so much. Friendly faces are few and far between, except for one that she's irresistibly drawn to—Brendan Salinger, the guy with the rock-star good looks and the richest kid in school, who might just be her very own white knight.

But even when Brendan inexplicably turns cold, Emma can't stop staring. Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening. Streetlamps go out wherever she walks, and Emma's been having the oddest dreams: visions of herself in past lives—visions that warn her to stay away from Brendan. Or else.

This book was, absolutely hilarious.

I requested this ARC from Netgalley when I read my friend Rachel's review over on her blog: Papercuts, and I'll agree with Rachel that the start was a bit slow.

However, it wasn't long until Shultz grabbed my attention with the leading lady; Emma Connor's hilarious character, and dare I say witty, one liners! I loved her sense of humor, and had to keep reading just to see what she would say next!

Because, honestly, who couldn't fall for a character that is,
no push over &
two: describes overpowering candy-like perfume as a 'Unicorn Fart'.

Spellbound had it's ups and downs for me, at one moment I'm thinking Emma is a fantastic, funny heroine and then she does something like.. oh, follow a bad person who has it out for you down into a basement when you have a time bomb curse ticking over your head... which obviously lead me to question her intelligence.

I understood why, but, I did think the word 'soul mate' was used a bit too much, but that could just be my commitment issues talking.

Other than that, I found Spellbound to be a great adventure! I'll be looking forward to Cara Lynn Shultz's future works!

I thought it was great at the end there was a little story with Angelique as the narrator, and I really, really, really hope that we can hear her story next! Because even though I thought Emma was great, I think a story in Angelique's POV would be AMAZING.

All up, I give Spellbound: three and a half stars.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


Mara Dyer doesn't think life can get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.

It can.

She believes there must be more to the accident she can't remember that killed her friends and left her mysteriously unharmed.

There is.

She doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love.

She's wrong.

This is the first ARC that I've read and owned that isn't an ebook, so I was very excited when I won it from Leah Cliffords BlogTV show with Victoria Schwab.

I wasn't too sure what I would think of it to be honest, I'd seen it around of course; who could forget that amazing cover!?

But I still wasn't sure, I've been mislead by pretty covers before!

Last night however, I decided to read something different, so I picked it up and re-read the synopsis on the back of the book and was instantly hooked.

Then I read the first page, and couldn't put it down.

Questioning of ones sanity, or insanity.
Woe's of high school bitchiness.
A very very very sexy boy, and all with a plot so nicely woven together!

Do you want to read it yet?

Although I do have to say something to the future readers out there: when you pick this up, DO NOT miss the little letter from Mara before chapter one!
It will keep you thinking (Michelle, that was an ingenious little hint you put there, I was looking out for it on every page!).

I don't really know what else I can say about The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer without letting loose some spoilers.

So, what I will say is keep your mind open to the possibilities of what could be, as you read this, hell, I've finished the book and my mind is still whirling with many different possibilities of what could come next... and I'm dying to know!

Another thing is, I honestly didn't know there could be so many creative ways to add to the word 'ass' and now, thanks to Michelle and Mara I have been thoroughly educated on the matter.

Michelle Hodkin, you did and excellent job, and I would like some more now, please?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #2: Mastiff by Tamora Pierce

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that fellow bloggers can't wait to get their hands on!

I'm dying to get my hands on this book:

by Tamora Pierce

The Legend of Beka Cooper gives Tamora Pierce's fans exactly what they want—a smart and savvy heroine making a name for herself on the mean streets of Tortall's Lower City—while offering plenty of appeal for new readers as well.

Beka and her friends will face their greatest and most important challenge ever when the young heir to the kingdom vanishes. They will be sent out of Corus on a trail that appears and disappears, following a twisting road throughout Tortall. It will be her greatest Hunt—if she can survive the very powerful people who do not want her to succeed in her goal.

I've always been a big fan of Tamora Pierce, but I was a bit skeptical about the Beka Cooper series because Pierce went for a change and writes this in diary format that, of course is in first person, but I shouldn't have worried.

Its AMAZING! I can't wait to get my hands on this and find out what happens with all my favourite characters... and not to mention a certain sexy piper... lol.

Mastiff has been taking longer to come out than the rest, which is no surprise considering how busy Pierce is with her life, but its finally coming out this year in OCTOBER! so the wait will soon be over.. just a few months to go and counting!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ultraviolet by R.J Anderson

Once upon a time there was a girl who was special.

This is not her story.

Unless you count the part where I killed her.

Sixteen-year-old Alison has been sectioned in a mental institute for teens, having murdered the most perfect and popular girl at school. But the case is a mystery: no body has been found, and Alison's condition is proving difficult to diagnose. Alison herself can't explain what happened: one minute she was fighting with Tori -- the next she disintegrated. Into nothing. But that's impossible. Right?
Ultraviolet took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride, It was thrilling, breathtaking and fast (I read it fast).

I was so caught up in the story that, when I finished I sat back in awe, then a few moments later after letting everything sink in, I look up at my clock and see that it was past midnight.

R.J Anderson is a genius, I can't think of any other way to describe the way she wrote Alison's world, always giving us food for thought, every step of the way.

I loved that we saw everything through Alison and therefore influenced by her emotions and how she thought/saw the people around her, and boy did I feel those emotions!

As Alison grows throughout her story, she realises that not everything may be as it seems, so she takes a fresh look at things and the people surrounding her, and we see the characters that we thought we knew in a different light (Although I think I will always dislike her mother, even though I understand now why she was the way that she was).

One of the message's I received throughout this book is that everyone is different, and that you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself.

I've read so many good reviews about Ultraviolet and saw that so many people where shocked and 'didn't see it coming' and maybe because I saw a lot of these beforehand I read it expecting something absolutely insane and crazy or very 'WTF' as some people had stated, but honestly I'm not sure which part they were talking about.

I thought RJ had a very good flow in the story, and the lead-up for the end was done very well! I wasn't shocked or taken aback, mostly I think, it's because I kept my eye out for any little hint that I could and my mind kept rapidly thinking about crazy scenarios that could happen as the story progressed.

I loved finding out about Synesthesia and everyone's quirks in the psychiatric hospital, you can see that RJ did a lot of research to put behind her work and I will be looking forward to reading more from her in the future!

Although I doubt there will be a sequel to Ultraviolet and even though I liked how it ended, there's a little torch in my heart that hopes that maybe one day, there will be.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

A hidden truth.
Mortal enemies.
Doomed love.

Marked as special at an early age, Jacinda knows her every move is watched. But she longs for freedom to make her own choices. When she breaks the most sacred tenet among her kind, she nearly pays with her life. Until a beautiful stranger saves her. A stranger who was sent to hunt those like her. For Jacinda is a draki—a descendant of dragons whose greatest defense is her secret ability to shift into human form.

Forced to flee into the mortal world with her family, Jacinda struggles to adapt to her new surroundings. The only bright light is Will. Gorgeous, elusive Will who stirs her inner draki to life. Although she is irresistibly drawn to him, Jacinda knows Will's dark secret: He and his family are hunters. She should avoid him at all costs. But her inner draki is slowly slipping away—if it dies she will be left as a human forever. She'll do anything to prevent that. Even if it means getting closer to her most dangerous enemy.

Mythical powers and breathtaking romance ignite in this story of a girl who defies all expectations and whose love crosses an ancient divide.

Firelight, roped me in first, with the beautiful cover and second, with the intriguing synopsis, a book about dragons in the YA genre! I just had to read it.

I was a bit worried that since I loved the cover and concept of the story that I would end up disappointed with Firelight, but I wasn't!

I consumed it really quickly; when I came near the end I made myself put it down for the night while I went and cooked dinner, I didn't want it to end, and managed to hold off reading until this morning.

I must admit, at the start Firelight it made me think of a modern day Pocahontas, Sophie playing the leading lady in tune with nature and 'running with the wind' and Cassian as the next chief (Alpha) of the village (pride) aka Kokoum who wants Pocahontas to be his 'wife' (mate) and then in comes John Smith aka Will who instead of killing Sophie the dragon on sight he is like John Smith who is curious about her (Although I found Will to be more badass and sexier than John Smith).

Yeah I know, it hasn't got anything to do with Pocahontas but it made me giggle thinking about it in that way. Some people will compare it to Romeo and Juliet but then I go and compare it to Pocahontas... lol

Sophie Jordan is an amazing writer, her characters come alive on the page, I love them all, even the bad guys that I just have to love to hate (Xander is just so bad and reeks of evil! I can't wait to see him in the sequel, kind of fearing it too).

I've seen a lot of people shocked and outraged with the sudden end, but I thought it fit well, of course I can't wait to get my hands on Vanish, but at the ending of Firelight I was really scared for Sophie and Tamra and am really glad that Jordan didn't go on to show what punishment may be awaiting them.

I can't wait until September now and I'm sure that Vanish will have me glued to the page from start to finish.
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