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Manga Mondays #3: Nightschool vol.1 by Svetlana Chmakova

Manga Mondays is an amazing meme hosted by Alison Can Read! I've been posting irregularly lately, but look forward to a constant stream of manga mondays from now on!

Title: Nightschool
Author: Svetlana Chmakova
Series: The Weirn Books
Type: OEL (Original-English-Language Manga)
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Where do Demons get their diplomas?

Schools may lock up for the night, but class is in session for an entirely different set of students. In the nightschool, vampires, werewolves, and weirns (a particular breed of witches) learn the fundamentals of everything from calculus to spell casting. Alex is a young weirn whose education has always been handled through homeschooling, but circumstances seem to be drawing her closer to the nightschool. Will Alex manage to weather the dark forces gathering?
Svetlana is one of my favourite mangaka's, her drawings are fantastic, her characters are lovable and hilarious and her plot is always interesting! So I was beyond excited when I found out that she would be releasing a new series and bought the first volume as soon as I could!

Nightschool didn't disappoint!

Alex waking up Sarah!
I recommend this to all YA paranormal/urban fantasy lovers out there, especially if you haven't read manga before this would be a fantastic place to start! Svetlana's plot manages to be deep and meaningful with the right amount of suspense and interest but still manages to be light and very funny at the same time!

The main character in this manga is a young weirn (witch) named Alex, who is home-schooled due to an incident that we don't know about yet. Her sister, Sarah is her only relative and is a keeper at a high school for the paranormal.

I love the school idea, it's a normal high school that gets used by humans during the day and then taken over by the paranormal at night!

A keepers job is to make sure that everything is kept in order and that no humans will find out about them - Sarah is only new to the job and has a hard time getting to work on time (picture above is Alex waking her up!)

Alex doesn't want to go at school but when her sister is at work, she manages to sneak out to the local graveyard for her 'social studies' class to study a vampire teen put the moves on his human girlfriend (Alex snickering at 'stupid humans' was hilarious).

Although not everything goes to plan when she runs into some hunters and we see a strange ghost-like figure that looks a lot like Alex take possession of her,  and then discover that there may be a lot more to Alex than meets the eye!

The story really starts when every trace of Sarah disappears, Alex is the only one that remembers her (that we know of at this point) and she decides to investigate her sisters disappearance... but will she be able to step foot inside the school? I can't wait to see what happens next!

by Svetlana Chmakova
nomalicious nomnom noms
Sarah Disappearing... even in photos!

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