If you are an author or publisher, I accept the following:

My blog is mostly focused on the Young Adult genre, I'm pretty flexible with the sub-genres, but take a look around my blog before contacting me so you can get a feel for what I like. I also read adult books in contemporary, dystopian, urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal or romance mixed with the previous listed, along with murder, mystery and crime, etc (these genres also go for YA ).

Sorry I don't accept self-published books unless I express an interest to you personally.

After you look around and if you feel that I will like your book, you can contact me: here, and I'll be happy to let you know if I'm interested!

I would love and prefer to receive print copies, but if they are unavailable or not possible, I would gratefully accept ebooks, eARCs, galleys. etc.

You can also contact me through my post office box:
Kate Jackson
P.O Box 4025
NSW Australia


I try to be an honest reviewer, I stick with describing my feelings that the book has evoked from me, if I dislike certain things in a book, I wont go out of my way to verbally bash the author or their work, I will always look for the good things in a book, and will always mention the pro's I discover if I find any cons.

For ARCs: I post my reviews a couple weeks before the release date (if I really enjoy it, sometimes I will host a giveaway - but I can't do this for every book).

Author Interviews:

If I've read you're work, and like it. Or you think I may be interested; I would love to interview you or be a part of a blog tour!

Contact me: here.

Rating System:

Absolutely NOMALICIOUS and will be going to my favourite pile immediately!

Almost perfectly scrumptious, but just not quite there.

I really liked this.

A good read, not the best. But it was good.

I liked it, but there was something that; either annoyed me, or just didn't do it for me.

It was okay, but some things annoyed me, but I enjoyed other parts.

It just didn't do much for me, but there are some positive things.


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